Kerrian has the unique ability to be incredibly effective at both an organizational and individual level. Her razor-sharp intellect and ability to look at issues from various angles, helps leaders create strategic clarity and vision with an accompanying execution road-map. Her passion for unlocking team and individual potential is boundless and by working with them is somehow able to elevate their performance beyond what was thought possible.

-Orlando Ashford

President, Holland American Line

Kerrian is an expert coach with a human touch. She’s mentally tough when navigating complex, ambiguous situations and emotionally attuned to the human beings involved in critical business decisions. This rare combination, coupled with the ability to express a clear strategic vision and path forward, makes her someone I’m grateful to know.

-Elyse Burke

Senior Director, Broadridge Financial Solutions

Kerrian has the ability to bring out the deepest potential and the highest level of performance in a leader. Her ability to help an executive better understand the core of where they “come from” and how the heart and head work together enables leaders to build better outcomes for themselves, their reports, and the company. She has an innate ability to see this from a panoramic strategic perspective as well as the tactical execution level, which is paramount for success. In addition, her spirit ignites a higher level of drive, engagement, and joy - all work and no fun… That’s not her MO. Enjoy, learn, engage and flourish!

-Nancy May

President, BoardBench Companies, LLC & Global Advisory Board, DocuSign

Kerrian is a very organized, knowledgeable and hard working professional. She has impressive command of business and operational practices and delivered excellent guidance and support in an interim Sales Compensation role. This proved the versatility of her capabilities as she dove right in and determined the primary drivers of the situation, swiftly established an action plan and delivered. I am sure her new firm will offer outstanding services to all clients served.


-Chris Perry

President, Global Sales, Marketing & Client Solutions at Broadridge Financial Solutions

I can’t recommend Kerrian enough as a top-notch coach who will help you clarify what you want in a complete compensation package and confidently enter into negotiations with potential employers. She was an extraordinary and valuable pillar of support and guidance as I navigated my most recent negotiations with a future (now current) employer’s offer, and she was a genuine champion in my corner. With Kerrian’s coaching, I addressed my fears and discomfort around asking for what I’m worth in the job market, made decisions that were right for me, prioritized discussion points, and ultimately felt well-prepared and equipped going into two rounds of counter-offers. She also helps you gets results – I came out of the final conversation accepting an offer and signing bonus that truly felt like a win-win for both sides, and I couldn’t be happier in my new job, complete with a salary and benefits that I’m thrilled about. A million thanks to you, Kerrian!

-Annie Ly

Senior Learning & Engagement Manager, Engineering @ Etsy

Kerrian has been my coach and mentor for many years and her techniques and advice have been invaluable as I have grown as a leader.  My most recent session was to prepare for my first ever experience as a panelist at a conference.  I had the subject matter and content down, but the delivery and the nerves put me in a state of sheer panic.  She was able to coach me through how to deliver the content, manage the jitters, and transformed my mindset from one filled with fear to one of peace and fun.  Her approach helped me to nail my conference panel performance; I can now speak in front of a large crowd of people without hesitation.

In addition, Kerrian has helped me clearly define and articulate my personal brand, create a roadmap on achieving my goals, and provided support in navigating the complex web of politics in an environment dominated by men.  Her personalized and intuitive advice and insights have been invaluable in helping me become a best version of myself. I am truly grateful for her services.

-Maryanne Richter

Executive Director, Morgan Stanley - Global Head of Credit Electronic Trading Strategy