Team Effectiveness Coaching

Unlock your team's engagement and performance by:

Articulating purpose and priorities

Fostering agile and effective decision-making

Creating clarity and accountability around roles

Improving collaboration and communication through enhanced EQ (emotional intelligence)

Promoting an environment of trust, respect and safety

3 Harmful Energy Types that Undermine Teams

How to Spot Them and Helpful Tips to Coach Them

About Team Effectiveness Coaching

Did you know that it’s estimated that 90% of teams underperform? Highly effective teams don’t just happen — they’re built through team effectiveness coaching programs that help teams and their leaders pay attention to the critical levers at their disposal to quickly thrive, build synergy, discover new opportunities and work effectively to not just accomplish objectives, but to exceed them.

The important news is that leading and being a member of a high-performing team is teachable. Even well-functioning teams can benefit from pausing to reflect on how well their decision-making process is working and whether the experience and talents of their members are being fully leveraged.

We work with teams from the C-suite down — set and align around clear goals, maintain focus on team priorities, engage in open and productive debate, successfully incorporate new members, and develop greater levels of understanding and stronger working relationships among all members. Through a combination of individual and group work, we facilitate the engagement of every team member and elicit the commitment needed to achieve the team’s potential.

When to Engage a Team Effectiveness Coach?

When a team is seeking new ways to increase performance or needs to execute a turnaround. 

In times of change when working styles, goals and vision require a shift

When conflict, burnout or disorganization undermine engagement and execution

When a team needs to break out of its comfort zone to bolster productivity

When a high-performing team wants to fine tune their group dynamics in order to reach peak team performance

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