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Kerrian Fournier, CEO of Vybrante Ventures, is a sought after speaker on the topics of organizational vibrancy, innovation, team effectiveness and women’s compensation dynamics.

Featured Keynote
Unlocking Vibrancy to Boost Performance

The audience will learn:

  • Why vibrancy is a critical component to unlocking potential and performance
  • The symptoms and consequences of a lack of vibrancy
  • The ROI and benefits of  having vibrancy
  • How to unlock vibrancy in your personal and professional life
Kerrian Fournier Speaker

“Kerrian is a dynamic and compelling public speaker who delivers her content with credible conviction, passion and personal flare. Her subject matter expertise and professional depth are impressive. They are amplified by her background in theater which creates a stage presence that makes her talks motivating long after the moment has passed.”

- Haig R. Nalbantian,

Senior Partner, Mercer

Additional Topics
  • The 3 Secrets to Propelling Your Career Forward - For Women Leaders
  • The Personal Side of the Pay Equity Equation
  • When Being Driven Drives You Crazy
  • How to Unlock Your Energy to Unleash Your Performance

Official Bio

Kerrian Fournier is the CEO & Founder of Vybrante Ventures, a professional services company dedicated to unlocking the highest level of performance for innovative companies and professionals by igniting their vibrancy and innovation. Kerrian has 25+ years of experience in the corporate world on Wall Street, Strategy/Risk Consulting and Technology firms. She is passionate about unleashing everyone’s highest selves whether you’re an aspiring leader or the CEO of a Fortune 250 company. She is certified as an Executive Coach through iPEC, one of the preeminent coaching certification programs. She is also a sought after speaker on the topics of team effectiveness, human capital, innovation, and building a vibrant corporate culture and has spoken at WorldatWork, Center for Effective Organizations at USC, Marsh & McLennan Inc., Mercer, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, and Symbol Technologies to name a few. Kerrian splits her time between NYC and Long Island and is a divorced mother to a #thefutureisfemale 15-yr old daughter Isabella.

Speaker Kerrian Fournier

Public Speaking - Past Engagements & Events

Bank of America
USC Marshall Center
Marsh & McLennan
Symbol Technologies
Merrill Lynch
Deutsche Bank