Human Capital Consulting

Optimizing Structure, Capabilities and Rewards Drivers to Unlock Competitive Advantage

Best-in-class companies know they must align their business and people strategies to win in today’s competitive marketplace.

Each creates a unique “secret sauce for success” by articulating a compelling employee value proposition, rethinking how work gets done, and developing agile talent ecosystems that optimize, engage and motivate their workforce.

The Key to Rewards ROI - Employee Perceived Value

Human Capital

Vybrante Ventures’ CEO, Kerrian Fournier, has spent over 25 years as a Compensation and Strategic Human Capital executive, partnering with leaders to unlock their organization’s highest potential and create environments that fosters innovative and collaborative performance.

Kerrian Fournier

Consulting Services Include:

Compensation and Analysis

Compensation Strategy Development & Planning

Salary Benchmarking and Analysis

Annual & Long-Term Incentive Design

Equity Plan Design

Sales Plan Design

Workforce Analysis

Compensation Communications

Human Capital Strategy

HC Strategy Development & Planning

Employee Engagement

Employee Value Proposition

Change Management

Leadership Development & Coaching

HR Development & Coaching

Team Effectiveness Coaching

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