Kerrian Bard Fournier,

CEO, Vybrante Ventures

Who Am I?

Many words have been used to describe me over the years, but at heart I’m someone whose deepest purpose and greatest joy is to help individuals and teams unlock their true potential and elevate their performance beyond what they thought was possible.

Whether it’s been my time on an Equity Derivatives Structuring desk, a COO of a start-up Technology company, a Compensation Executive in Fortune 250 companies, or even in my earlier artistic years as a classical actress and violinist, my passion to unleash people’s highest selves has been the common denominator throughout.

Words that describe Kerrian
Kerrian Fournier

What's My Background?

I have been fortunate to accumulate some wonderful credentials and experiences that make me uniquely qualified to add value to my clients on many levels. This includes: B.S. degree from Northwestern, special certification program from Oxford University (Balliol College), Professional Coaching Certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), and Certification in Energy Leadership. I have spent nearly 2 ½ decades in the business world, primarily in Financial Services, Technology and Strategy and Risk Consulting firms and have had the opportunity to coach and mentor a wide variety of individuals at varying career and life inflection points.

IPEC Certified Professional Coach
Master Practitioner Energy Leadership Index
ICF Certified

My Story

What Makes Me Unique