How Being Attached to Being Right Makes You Wrong

Are you someone who needs to have the last word in an argument? Are you frustrated when others disagree with your opinions? If so, you’re not alone. Let’s face it: Many people don’t like to be wrong. Growing up, we were led to believe that being right was associated with excellence, acceptance and attention. In…

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3 Steps to Cultivate Resilience in Your Organization

3 Steps to Cultivate Resilience in Your Organization In these fast-moving and unpredictable times, priorities are shifting quickly. As a leader, it’s important to take a step back and focus on what’s truly important. How are you helping your employees stay present and engaged? How are you supporting your staff and showing you care? Before…

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3 Mindset Shifts To Becoming an Agile Leader

Agile Leader

Becoming an agile leader requires being open-minded and completely immersed in the present moment. It’s having an insatiable curiosity, eager to experiment and innovate. It’s also a willingness to self-reflect and look at areas that could use improvement. Above all, it’s having the courage to embrace change and make yourself vulnerable. In doing so, you will inspire your team to do the same.

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